August 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

so I failed at blogging yesterday, and the day before, my bad.

Well. day one started great, and my focus slowly faded to the monotony of the day. Enough said.

Day 2 was Sunday, didn’t start as well, and finished worse. I’m not sure I considered God much at all even though it was Sunday. I have a pretty good reason why my focus is off. Working on it.

Today didn’t start well either, and went with little thought of God. I had the same problem with my focus as yesterday. God was bugging me about it all day and I didn’t really pay attention until this evening. I went to sit on the back porch and watch the storm rolling in. Beautiful. The sky above the clouds was light blue in one spot where the moon was, and it faded to dark blue then black. The clouds were amazing red and orange and grey swirls, lighted by the occasional flicker of lightning. I was a little awe struck and realized that nothing as beautiful as this just happened, it was created. Just like our own creative nature, God has the same.

So I prayed. Not my usual prayer, just a short prayer of recognition, but it was the most real prayer I’ve prayed in a while.



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