How Long?

March 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Wow it’s been months since I’ve had anything to say here and I don’t even have much now. Scary thought.

I just had this very weird dream that has put things into focus more than they ever have been as far as salvation and friendships go. I won’t go in to explicit detail for the sake of offending people, and my uncontrollable sobbing at the smallest reliving of the dream, so I’ll just tell you the cliff notes. Basically in this dream, I woke up to find that Jesus had come back. (I’m not sure if that’s the case or what?) Really I woke up and some people had these little red blood spots on their bodies and if you had those, you were taken away to “the safari” and everyone on this side would never see you again. This didn’t feel like a “until you die” kind of thing, but more of a forever kind of way. Well, there were still people with the spots on the safe side, some unknowing, some hiding and regretting whatever they did or didn’t do to put themselves in the situation, and some who were trying to bring as many people down and into The Safari as they could. Crazy dream, I know.

So as I continued on through this imaginary world, I would run into people I know and care for dearly. Some would be fine, but a few that I ran into had the spots… Those were people that I cringe at the thought of losing. People that I may have neglected and not loved like Christ loved me. I’ve never been in so much emotional agony as I was in watching these people being dragged off, never to be seen again. It makes my head spin and heart double-time. This was the craziest dream I’ve ever had, but the hardest part was watching these people ultimately stop fighting and accept their demise. In complete recognition of what happened and what they missed out on. and they just were, no emotion, no anything. defeat.

God, this was the hardest thing I’ve ever seen and I can’t imagine it will be any different when Christ returns. I’m not saying any of this so people will get “saved” and read their Bibles once a week, but more encouraging my brothers and sisters to get their working shoes on and start pulling your loved ones (even ones you think might be a christian) towards the cross. I’ve never had a more sickening feeling than to watch them walking away for eternity and as much as I thought about fighting it in my dream, it was just and because of that I couldn’t even consider acting.

Guys, we are called to die and become nothing in order to gain everything. Anything more than our nothing, is too much. I’m trying to figure this out, and I pray that you will try to work it out with me.



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